When You are Ready to Learn the Business

When You are Ready to Learn the BusinessWhen You are Ready to Learn the BusinessWhen You are Ready to Learn the Business

Mentorship in Brewing, Design, Equipment Sourcing, and Business Development



Our immersion course is more than just the time you spend with us. It is a mentorship and after you leave, we continue to work with you answering questions until you are open. Just check out our alumni!

About Us

The team


Tom Hennessy

Tom Hennessy has opened seven breweries of his own and helped open over 100 more with his Colorado Boy Brewery Immersion Course. His video Frankenbrew, from 1995 has become a cult classic in the brewing world. His two previous brewing books include The Brewery Operations Manual, and Colorado Boy SOP. Tom lives, brews and writes in his mountain town of Ridgway, Colorado, with his wife Sandy


Nathaniel Miller

Nathaniel along with his wife Andrea started out as a production brewery, which now serves food. Nathaniel is our resident evil genius at building breweries without spending a fortune. In fact he built a 6 head canning line for about 1/10th the price of a conventional one. 


Dennis Richards

Dennis began homebrewing as a hobby in the early 2000's while working for IBM. It started with an extract kit from Midwest Supplies. After one extract brew he knew he was hooked and built a 6 tap kegerator and an all grain setup in the following weeks.  Dennis and Daniel met Tom at a homebrewing conference in 2009, it was there where they hatched their plans to open Echo Brewing in 2012.  So far Dennis has won 6 Great American Beer Fest Medals. Dennis moved to Ouray in 2018 to open Colorado Boy Southwest Pub with Daniel. When he isn't at the pub you can find him still enjoying brewing in Ridgway or in one of Colorado Boy's pizza kitchens. 


Daniel Richards

A graduate of the University of Colorado, Daniel's initial career was with IBM running the company's perimeter IT infrastructure. After 12 years at IBM Daniel went on to found Echo Brewing Company and Mirror Image Brewing Company with his twin brother Dennis north of Denver, Colorado. In 2015, Daniel moved to SW Colorado and now owns and operates Colorado Boy Pub & Brewery in Ridgway, CO as well as a secondary brewpub in Ridgway - the Colorado Boy Depot. In 2019 Daniel and Dennis opened the Colorado Boy Southwest Pub in Ouray, CO. Daniel enjoys exploring the outdoors and 4 wheeling with has family wife Tracey, daughter Ashleigh and son Tyler. Daniel serves on the board of the Ridgway Area Chamber of Commerce and is an avid supporter of area organizations including Sherbino/Weehawken creative arts, Uncompahgre Watershed Project, Friends of Ridgway Schools and the Fortuna Tierra Club. 

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